Who’s who?
Role Quote Passion

Ian Bloomfield

The Squire, responsible for Leadership and upholding of tradition and skillfully establishing bonhomie with hard-to-please audiences
They’re not hankies, they’re Wavers
Shakespeare Morris

Duncan Harrington

The Bagman, responsible for organising the calendar, rehearsal bookings, keeper of the money bag
  Preservation of Wessex Stave Dance especially those of Stourton Caundle & Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset

The Staves

Replicas of those carried by the Bradninch Tradesmen’s Friendly Society which met at the Spread Eagle pub on Cullompton Hill from 1842 until 1909
The Hatch Beauchamp (pronounced Beecham) Friendly Society near Taunton stipulated that “the pole must be blue and not less than a yard and a half of blue ribbon attached” See Wikipedia

Gerard Edwards

The Foreman, teaching and striving to perfect a style, planning  practice sessions, researching and introduction of new styles, traditions and dances, devising the event programmes and supplying order sheet to musicians The timing made sense when I wrote it down, but was that for the A or the B music I wonder? Folk Music and Devon Rock – carboniferous sandstones and shales are current favourites

Jenny Richards

Rag Lady. Uniform policy and very good with needle & bells. Her little friend Brad is exhibited at Museum of British Folklore   Jam & Jerusalem but never Jazz



Media-savvy, former Bagman has dragged the side into the technological era. Got rythmn. One, two and clash, four, five and clash, six, seven back at your place.
Rag Morris, Mayhem Morris